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How to cook Bengali recipes easily within 30 to 45 minutes

 Cook the recipes within 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Most of my recipes are customized keeping in mind the shortage of time in everyone’s life. Yet  Bengalis always have a craving for Bengali Cuisine no matter how far or near they are from their home.


Recipes at hand

Recipes of Authentic Bengali Cuisine at hand with step by step guidance and easy shortcuts.


Time Saving

Most of my recipes can be cooked within 30-40 minutes.


Viewer's Engagement

Viewers can share honest feedback, requests and we will work on the changes with utmost importance.Viewers can share their own recipes with us and we will publish those recipes along with their name and pictures

A Food Blog for All Bengali Cuisines

 Fill Your Tummy brings to you a platform where you can find authentic Bengali recipes directly from the mom’s kitchen.

 We have made an effort to record and safekeep the authentic secrets of Bengali cuisines that have keep the taste buds of Bengalis satisfied for centuries.

We have shared all the secret ingredients that our grandmothers used in her kitchen.Through this platform, we aim at bringing the traditional Bengali Recipes to your kitchen. Be it ingredient history or an old fish curry,you will find all the details in this food blog.

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Meet Our Chefs

Cook the best and most delicious cuisines of Bengal on this festitive season.

Twinkle Roy

Twinkle Roy


After completing my Mba in 2018, I moved to Delhi to stay with my husband, and so I took a job over there. On oneside I was very happy that I would be staying with the man of my life, but on the other hand it was really dificult for me to get parted from my friends and family. There is magic in the atmosphere of Kolkata and only a true bong understand this. And the food made mother-in-law was something I missed the most and realize the pain of everyone staying away from Kolkata. Whether its a phuchka or the boiled potato and egg in the biriyani, something was missing in almost every dish.My huband is very passionate about cooking. Starting from Bengali, Chinese, Continental, he can cook almost every kinds of dishes and his gastronomic nature has ignited within me the passion for cooking and writing a food blog. After realizing the pain of other Bengalis, I started thi blog so that how far or near a Bong is staying away from home, he/she never misses the food of Kolkata.

Let's Us Work Together!

We will cook all the popular, trending and authentic Bengali Recipes with proper guidance and discuss all the secret ingredients and hidden formulas, our grandmother used once.


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